Best Trampoline Tents – Beds 2020

Trampolines provide hours of fun and exercise for kids and kids at heart. Adding a trampoline tent-bed will take that fun to the next level. Even when kids take a break from jumping, the trampoline tent will continue to be a place for fun and hanging out. With multiple themes for the tents, kids can use their imaginations for hours of active play. Remember being a kid and finding that perfect spot to use as your clubhouse or secret hideout? Trampoline tents can become that place for your kids and can even transform an ordinary backyard into a circus or campground. The possibilities are only limited by your child’s imagination.

In addition to fun, tent-beds provide some protection against the sun and the elements. They provide a fantastic way to spend the night outdoors on a “camping” trip without some of the difficulties of camping – packing, carrying all the necessary supplies to the campsite, and pitching a tent. The trampoline provides a comfortable surface for sleeping and keeps campers off of the damp ground.

So, if your kids are ready for some backyard adventures, check out some of the options for adding a trampoline tent-bed to your trampoline. Don’t have a trampoline? Find the tent-bed you like and get the trampoline to go with it. Either way, pitch your tent and let the adventures begin!


Propel Trampolines Trampoline Clubhouse, Multicolor

Propel Trampolines offers a clubhouse style trampoline cover that any kid would love. The trampoline clubhouse provides a great place for kids to get away and have some time with their friends sharing secrets and planning adventures. The clubhouse comes complete with a zippered entrance for privacy during top secret discussions, while 3 screened windows allow air flow to keep things comfortable. And don’t worry, adding this clubhouse to your trampoline will not stop the bouncing. At 180” high, there is plenty of space to turn this clubhouse into a bounce house. And since the cover goes over the enclosure, the entire jumping surface of the trampoline is accessible for jumping. It also offers some shade from the sun and protection from light rain – turning some of those questionable outside days into clubhouse days.

The clubhouse is a one-piece construction that drops over and ties onto the enclosure poles for a quick and easy set-up. Before purchasing this tent, however, be aware that this model fits only Propel and Kinetic 15’ trampolines with 6’ enclosure poles. The manufacturer does not guarantee that it will fit any other trampolines. Although the tent is weather resistant, some customers indicate that the roof tends to be on the flat side and if placed under trees, collects leaves and debris that make the roof sag. There are also concerns that heavier rain does not drain properly off of the roof, again causing it to sag. Placing the trampoline in an area away from trees and other falling debris should help to keep these issues to a minimum.

The Propel Trampoline Clubhouse has quick set-up, large capacity for multiple kids, and unlimited opportunity for adventures.


JumpSport Trampoline Tent – AlleyOOP Outback and JumpSport BigTop Tent Options

The AlleyOOP Outback and JumpSport BigTop tents are designed to fit the 12’-14’ JumpSport and AlleyOOP round trampolines. They are not guaranteed to work on any other trampolines even of the same size. Both are designed to sit on the trampoline and attach to the safety enclosure with bungee cords, leaving the inside of the tent free from poles that they could fall into. The cords have no hard objects that could cause injury to the children using the tent. In fact, kids can actually jump on the tent, make it collapse, and within seconds of the kids getting off of it, the tent returns to its original shape. And with an estimated 3-minute, easy installation, the kids won’t have to wait long to enjoy their tent.

Both the AlleyOOP Outback and JumpSport BigTop tent styles are 11’ wide and 5.5’ high for tons of space for kids’ adventures. All 3 windows and the door have screens and are able to be zipped closed for privacy or protection from the elements, perfect for secret meetings, or left open to provide ventilation. While both tents are essentially the same for set up and size, the AlleyOOP Outback tent resembles an actual camping tent and would be great for the outdoorsy kid looking to enjoy camping adventures in his or her backyard. The BigTop tent is a mini circus tent that is perfect for kids who want to reenact the greatest show on earth or create other performances worthy of the big top.

No matter which style you choose, the JumpSport Trampoline Tent is sure to be a hit with any young adventurer or circus performer.


JumpKing 10′ Enclosure Cover Tree House

This trampoline tent has all the fun of a tree house without the tree or the danger of falling out of the tree. And, if your little camper is not ready for an all-night camping experience, the tree house has a night sky roof design for a pretend, under the stars, daytime camp out. There is a window for ventilation and a zippered front entrance. The tent is weather resistant and has a semi-sloped roof to allow rain and debris to run off. Kids still have the use of the trampoline for jumping because of the high ceiling in the tree house. The cover fits over the enclosure system so the full 10’ of the trampoline jumping surface is able to be used by jumpers or tree house visitors.

Made to work with the G3 enclosure system, this tent only fits the JumpKing 10’ trampoline, model #JK1044, and will not work with other 10’ trampolines. Airflow might be limited in this tree house enclosure as there is only one window and the entrance for ventilation. Some of the other tent models have multiple windows for increased air flow.

If you have the model #JK1044 JumpKing 10’ trampoline, this enclosure would be an awesome choice for your outdoor loving, tree climbing kids.


Jumpking Jumppod 7.5′ Trampoline Circus Enclosure Cover

It might not fit the elephants, but this circus tent enclosure for the Jumpking Jumppod 7.5’ trampoline will have your little clowns putting on their own 3 ring shows with their friends. And for the really creative kid, this tent could double as a castle for hours of fairy tale play. The enclosure helps protect kids from the sun and provides some protection from light rain showers while the mesh windows provide ventilation to keep things cool. A zippered entrance on the side gets kids in and out quickly and easily and can keep out critters for an overnight circus or castle sleepover. The roof of this tent also has a steeper slope that helps keep debris and water from collecting on it.

The one drawback of this tent is that it is only available for the JUMPKING JumpPOD 7.5’ trampoline. On the positive side, if you are unsure about the assembly of this cover, expert installation can be purchased with this tent for a stress-free set-up experience.


If your kids cannot wait for the circus to come to town, this might be the trampoline tent-bed for them. Every day can be full of circus fun.

There are quite a few options available for trampoline tent-beds. Many are specific to a certain brand or size of trampoline, so if you do not currently have a trampoline and are thinking of purchasing one, you might also want to consider what tents are available for each one prior to purchasing the trampoline or the tent. You should take into consideration the age of the kids, the size of the kids, and how high the kids that are using the trampoline and tent are able to jump, and then pick a size and style that will work for them. If you already own a trampoline, be sure that the tent you are purchasing will be a good fit. Otherwise, you might have a group of disappointed jumpers on your hands.

Regardless of the trampoline tent-bed you choose, your kids will get hours of enjoyment out of it. Whether they are bouncing around, having meetings in the clubhouse, putting on a 3 ring circus in the circus tent, or enjoying an overnight camping experience, your kids will be using their imaginations, getting physical activity, and embarking on amazing adventures all from the safety of the backyard. At a time when video games keep kids sitting inside glued to a tv or computer screen, trampolines and their tents get kids outside and moving. If you don’t already own a trampoline, consider the fun and fitness it will provide for your kids. And if you already own one, add to the fun and versatility of your trampoline by purchasing a trampoline tent-bed.

As a reminder, be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions and precautions for installation, use, and care of both your trampoline and tent-bed enclosures. And if you have questions, be sure to contact the manufacturer to prevent damage to the product or injury to users.

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