Best Trampoline Covers 2020

Everyone remembers the first time that they saw a trampoline in action. Although it is a relatively simple device, just some fabric and a framework of springs, the trampoline is magical. For many people, jumping and playing on a trampoline is the closest thing they’ll ever get to flying, a brief, tantalizing escape from the clutches of gravity.

Trampolines, however, due to their size, must be kept outdoors, which leaves trampoline owners with one pressing question – how do you protect it from the weather? Snow, ice, wet leaves, rain, bugs, and strong sunlight present a persistent threat to the magical fun of playing on a trampoline. The elegant solution is, of course, a trampoline cover.

At first glance, there isn’t much to a trampoline cover. It’s simply a piece of material that fits over the trampoline to protect it from the elements. But a good trampoline cover does much more – it ensures that you can quickly cover or uncover your trampoline whenever you like, all while protecting your trampoline from the deadly assaults of wind, moisture, UV damage from the sun, and organic debris.


Understanding the Functions of the Trampoline Cover

Although similar, there are two essential functions of a trampoline cover. The first is to provide a quick and easy solution to when you want to cover a trampoline in times of rain or light snow. As soon as the foul weather blows over, you want to get right back to enjoying some time on the trampoline!

The other function of a quality trampoline cover is to provide long-lasting, durable protection for extended periods of time such as during the height of winter. You know that you won’t be using your trampoline for weeks or even months, so you need to ensure that your valuable trampoline and all of its components will be fully protected for long periods, including against sun damage.

A quality trampoline will give you the ease and flexibility when you only need coverage for a short amount of time while also having the capability to provide durable, seasonal protection for an extended duration.


Understanding Proper Winter Maintenance

Even with a high-quality cover in place, trampolines need a bit of tender loving care during the long winter months. Best practices include taking down and storing the springs, netting, pads, and the mat indoors. And if the region where you live regularly experiences strong winds, it’s also a good idea to invest in some anchors in order to secure your trampoline.

In order to fully protect your trampoline during the winter, be sure to remove any accumulations of rain or snow as soon as possible. Although high-quality covers do a great job of protecting your trampoline from the elements, they can trap moisture which can potentially lead to mold and mildew. During sunny, dry days, it’s a good idea to remove the trampoline cover and air out your trampoline.


Understanding Spring, Summer, and Fall Maintenance

A good trampoline cover is essential for protecting your trampoline throughout the period of the year when the weather is amenable for spending time outdoors enjoying all the fun of playing and jumping on a trampoline.

A high-quality trampoline cover is ideal for providing protection against the fierce glare of the summer sun, accumulation of wet autumn leaves, and quick rain showers in spring. Even the finest trampoline covers, however, will take a beating from the elements, but that is their job! When used correctly, a high-quality trampoline cover will keep your trampoline in top condition and looking its very best, ensuring years of high-flying fun on your trampoline.


What to Look For in a Quality Trampoline

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a trampoline cover:

Price – Of course, price always matters. But remember that a quality trampoline cover, when it does its job right, will add years to the life of your trampoline. It is always better to invest in a quality trampoline cover if it ensures full protection for your valuable trampoline.

Size – It is always best to buy a trampoline cover that is perfectly sized for your trampoline than trying to deal with a trampoline cover that is too large. When a trampoline cover fits snugly, it will be more resistant to being blown away by strong winds.

Color – Your trampoline takes pride of place in your backyard or garden, so make sure that it has a lovely trampoline cover that meshes well with your house and outdoor decor. A cheap-looking trampoline cover might do the job equally well, but you’ll certainly feel better when you have a trampoline cover that suits the appearance and style of your trampoline.

Weight – Sometimes, heavier trampoline covers provide more durability and resistance to inclement weather but are more difficult to put in place or to take down. Lighter trampoline covers are easier to handle and use, so be sure to find the lightest trampoline cover available that provides adequate protection against the elements.

Size and Style – There are a lot of different kinds of trampoline designs out there, so it is essential that you buy a trampoline cover that is the right size and style to match your trampoline. It’s also critically important to understand how the trampoline cover will attach to your trampoline in order to get a tight, snug fit and resist being blown away by strong winds.


Our Reviews of the Best Trampoline Covers

After carefully assessing and analyzing all of the trampoline covers available on the market, we have created this round-up of our favorite products.


Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover- 12′ Round Accessory Weather Cover- 12′ Round

The Skywalker trampoline cover is designed for round trampolines measuring 12 feet across. Made from a rugged weatherproof PVC tarp material, the Skywalker trampoline cover is designed to withstand both long, hot summers as well as snowy, cold winters. The Skywalker trampoline cover comes with a special vinyl coating that is resistant to strong sunlight and mildew build-up. The Skywalker trampoline cover comes with built-in drain outlets to sluice away water, and the Skywalker trampoline features rugged straps and clips to securely fasten in place onto your trampoline’s V-rings for additional protection against strong winds. The Skywalker trampoline cover weighs 12.2 pounds and can be easily folded up and stored when not in use.


JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover, Forest Green,14ft

With a lovely forest green color, the JumpSport trampoline cover is perfect for camouflaging your trampoline when not in use. The JumpSport trampoline cover is specially designed to be used with trampolines with either the JumpSport or Alley Oop Sports safely enclosure. The JumpSport trampoline cover is made from rugged tarp material that has a durable PVC coating to protect your trampoline both from the harsh effect of the sun’s rays as well as incelement weather.

The JumpSport trampoline cover is designed specifically for round trampolines measuring 14 feet across that have four or six U-shaped legs. The one-piece design of the JumpSport trampoline cover makes it really easy to install or remove, and the JumpSport trampoline cover is quickly attached by securing it to the JumpSport or Alley Oop Sports enclosure poles. The JumpSport trampoline cover weighs 17.6 pounds.


Upper Bounce Economy Trampoline Weather Protection Cover, Round Frames

Available in either cool black or swimming pool blue, the Upper Bounce trampoline cover comes in a wide variety of sizes designed for 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 7.5, or eight-feet round trampoline frames. The rugged, weather-resistant Upper Bounce trampoline cover is made from a durable PE tarp material that can resist strong sunlight while providing reliable protection against the ravages of inclement weather. The Upper Bounce trampoline cover weights just 4.2 pounds, making it incredibly easy to install or put away and store when not in use. The Upper Bounce trampoline cover uses S-hooks to quickly attach to the trampoline frame and V-rings for fast and easy securing to the trampoline’s jumping mat, both ensuring vital protection against strong winds.


Propel Trampolines Weather Cover, 14-Feet

Available in a vibrant blue color, the Propel trampoline cover is perfectly designed for round trampolines measuring 14 feet in diameter. The Propel trampoline cover is made from a woven polyester material that is designed for year-round protection against the sun, rain, and snow. This affordable trampoline cover is easy to use as it relies on draw-cords for an extra snug fit. And weighing in at just 4.4 pounds, the Propel trampoline cover is very easy to fold up and store when not in use.


Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover

With a rich black design, the Jumpking trampoline cover is designed for round trampolines measuring 15 feet in diameter. The Jumpking trampoline cover is specially engineered to be quickly attached to trampolines that use four W-shaped or U-shaped legs for support. The Jumpking trampoline cover comes with special attachable hooks for quick and easy securing to your trampoline’s V-rings. Weighing in at just 4.96 pounds, the Jumpking trampoline cover is a snap to install and very easy to fold up and put away when not in use. The Jumpking trampoline cover is made from a durable polyester material to resist both the ravages of strong sunlight as well as inclement weather all year-round.



You’ve already splurged on the trampoline, so be sure to protect your investment with a high-quality trampoline cover! The right trampoline cover will make it easy to quickly protect your trampoline during the spring, summer, and fall when the trampoline is not in use or there’s a storm on the way. In places like Arizona or other Sunshine Belt states, a quality trampoline cover is essential for protecting your trampoline against sun damage which can quickly blister, crack, and fade your valuable trampoline. And a quality trampoline cover will provide months of durable and reliable protection during the winter when Mother Nature will do her best to wreak havoc on your wonderful trampoline. Always be sure to carefully assess your budget and your trampoline’s needs before investing in the right cover. Remember, a good trampoline cover will add years of functionality and fun to your trampoline, so cover up your trampoline after every play session!

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