Best Rebounder Trampolines 2020

‘Rebound’ – to overcome, heal, revive. Perfectly stated, since that’s exactly what rebounder trampolines help you do. Whether your goal is to overcome a weight problem, heal from an injury, or just to revive your life from that rut you’ve been stuck in, rebounder trampolines are a great answer. A rebounder trampoline is simply a mini trampoline that can be used indoors for fun or exercise – or more to the point, fun and exercise! For many of us, the term ‘exercise’ is synonymous with work and drudgery. But rebounder trampolines take all that work, drudgery, and exercise and turn it into a fun, low-impact, and enjoyable way to get back into shape.

Rebounder trampolines even have become an essential tool for many physical therapists in helping their patients to heal from injuries. In fact, thousands of sports medicine clinics throughout the country provide regular use of rebounders as a worthwhile means of recovery for their ability to help patients ‘bounce back.’ Rebounder trampolines are ideal for cardiovascular workouts that don’t overload joints, enabling users to lose weight and get in shape without all the hard work that other workouts require.


What is ‘rebounding’?

Rebounding simply is the term used for jumping on a mini trampoline. Rebounder trampolines can be exercised on in many different ways and in a variety of intensities, from gentle bouncing in a manner that keeps feet from lifting up off the rebounder, all the way up to ‘high’ jumps that lift you a half foot up in the air from the trampoline’s surface.

Regular trampolines, invented back in 1938, were great for exercise and fun; however, because they tended to be injury magnets, their use dwindled over the years. But soon someone decided that surrounding the trampoline in a reinforced netting would make it more safe, which it did. When that happened, a wise inventor (Victor Green) decided to take the trampoline a step further, and he came up with the ‘small trampoline’ in 1975, which was marketed to folks as an excellent way to engage in fun and safe exercise on a trampoline indoors. But it wasn’t until recently that the ‘small trampoline’ became the ‘mini trampoline,’ and soon thereafter the ‘rebounder trampoline,’ which is an ideal means of getting a safe, fun workout right in your own home. Rebounders typically include six 8-14” long legs for sturdiness; a durable and elastic mat; elastic element such as springs; and an elevated round rim to support the rest of the trampoline.


How does it work?

Rebounding is pretty simple, and it doesn’t have to be explained with a lot of physics terminology. Rebounding, simply put, uses acceleration when you bounce upward on the mini trampoline; then after a nanosecond of weightlessness it uses deceleration as you come back down. This action creates a momentum which, essentially, works the entire body.


What are the benefits of a rebounder?

A rebounder is an extremely efficient exercise tool for a number of reasons. Rebounding can be effective as a cardiovascular workout because it raises the heart rate after a certain amount of time spent on the machine. Because of the repetitive up-and-down motion used to work out on it, a rebounder aids the immune system due to its benefit to the lymphatic system, which carries immune cells throughout the body. Rebounders are an excellent way to increase bone mass because the jumping movements are an effective weight-bearing exercise, something that is necessary in keeping bones healthy. Additionally, rebounders are much easier on the joints than running, treadmilling, and even walking because of their soft surface and the bouncy action created. Other health benefits include helping to increase muscle mass, raise energy levels, support adrenal and thyroid glands, and develop better balance. And, of course, don’t forget – rebounder trampolines are just plain fun!


What types of exercises can be performed on a rebounder?

Rebounding permits muscles to be worked equally in full range of motion. A variety of exercises, jumping, and even dance-type moves can be performed on a rebounder trampoline. Because jumping up and down moves your body in slight-but-varied directions, it aids in developing better balance. Rebounders have been used by athletes and non-athletes for anything from cross-training to weight loss to improving their tennis games and more.


Who can use a rebounder?

A better question may be – who should use a rebounder? Answer? Nearly everyone! Rebounding is a fantastic way to lose weight, get a great cardio workout, increase bone and muscle mass, ramp up your energy levels, detoxify your body due to better lymph fluid movement, gain better balance, and the list goes on and on. And you don’t necessarily even have to stand to use a rebounder. Rebounding can be performed while sitting in a chair with the rebounder positioned on the floor in front of you. And since rebounding is even used as physical therapy, nearly anyone can use a rebounder trampoline. (Be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin any exercise program, particularly if you have health issues.) Just about anyone and everyone can benefit from a rebounder. In fact, Bob Hope was known for keeping his rebounder at the foot of his bed so he could exercise upon waking each morning. And President Ronald Reagan once stated, “If you see someone bouncing up and down on the second floor of the White House, that’s me rebounding!”


How do I choose the right rebounder?

As with any exercise product, there are a number of factors you will need to consider when choosing the right rebounder for your situation. First, again, be sure to check with your physician before you begin rebounding. Next, consider how much exercise you can do at a time, and be honest with yourself. And, of course, think about what kinds of exercise you can do that would be fun! Start off slowly and work your way up.

Consider comfort levels. For instance, do you want to go barefoot, or do you want to wear shoes? If you said ‘barefoot,’ you may want to forego one of the least expensive models. What about ‘bounce factor’? If you can, try out different models to decide which one has the bounce you like best – the more bounce, the more cardiovascular a workout you’ll get. Another factor to consider is frame quality. The cheaper models typically won’t have frames that last as long as the more expensive ones. It’s also important to think about where you’ll be doing your rebounding.

Do you have a separate exercise area or room where you can keep it out all the time? If not, you may want to consider purchasing a rebounder that can be folded easily and tucked away. Finally, for many of us, price is very important. The good news is that there’s a rebounder to fit just about every budget. Rebounder trampolines are available anywhere from $30 to $800 or more. Of course, its’ always a good idea in this day and age to go online to find reviews of various models.


MXL MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline Rebounder – Includes DVD and 3 Months Free Video Membership

With a capability of holding up to a weight of 264 pounds, this rebounder is affordable, especially since it comes with three free DVDs that are geared toward beginners and intermediate fitness levels. For this reason, it’s great for anyone just starting out at rebounding or on their way up. It’s foldable, and there are 32 large springs so it’s strong and durable. It has a special handle bar that can be purchased separately for those who need added stability.


Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

The Stamina is super-affordable, fitting into most budgets. It’s a 36-inch folding trampoline that holds up to 250 pounds. Its rugged all-steel frame has six legs for durability, and it comes with thirty-band tension resistance, with each band being two inches wide for added durability and stability.


ANCHEER Max Load 220lbs Rebounder Trampoline

This Ancheer is another great rebounder with a lower price for beginners and the budget-conscious. The space-saving foldable design is great for storage, and the fixed design is easy to install. The rubber-covered legs make it safer for you and easier on your floors. The max weight is 220 pounds. This one’s also great for kids ages 10 and up.


JumpSport 250 | Fitness Trampoline, In-Home Rebounder | Home Cardio Exercise

If your budget has a little more bounce to it, you might want to consider the JumpSport 250. It has 30 patented elastic cords that provide 40% reduction in impact compared to other rebounders. Its patented No-Tip arched legs also aid with stability and safety. And it has over 60% more exercise space and comes almost fully assembled. This one has a 250-pound weight limit.


JumpSport 350 PRO | Fitness Trampoline

Touted as the ‘professionals’ choice,’ the JumpSport 350 Pro can be another good choice if your budget, like your workout choice, can provide just a little more ‘give.’ With 36 patented ‘EnduroLast’ cords, this one’s top-rated for best bounce. It also has patented easy-to-adjust bounce tension which is great for individual performance needs. Like its JumpSport 250 brother, it has patented No-Tip arched legs for added stability, provides more exercise space, and comes almost fully assembled. This one has a 350-pound weight limit.


JumpSport 570 PRO | Fitness Trampoline

Known for its higher-end mini trampolines, JumpSport has the 570 Pro for the serious rebounder. This one has an extra-large surface for added freedom while working out. Like the other rebounders in its JumpSport family, it has patented ‘EnduroLast’ cords for best bounce, patented easy-to-adjust bounce tension, and assembly is quick and easy. It also has patented padded petal covers for extra safety. Capacity is 325 pounds.


Shaofu 40″ Rebounder Trampolines Foldable Exercise Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail for Adults Kids

This one is can be a good choice for the entire family for its decidedly affordable price, and because it suits both adults and kids because of its adjustable handrails. Its heavy-duty construction has 40 tightly coiled rust-resistant springs provide lots of bounce. Its rubber-covered leg tubes provide for non-slip design. It’s foldable for convenience. Plus, this one’s limit goes up to 300 pounds for added security.


Pure Fun 40″ Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail

There’s a reason this one’s called ‘Pure Fun’ – its price and adjustable handrails make it a good choice for the entire family (recommended for ages 13 and up). It has a 40” jumping surface for extra jumping space. Its galvanized steel springs are great for optimal bouncing. And the padded handrails adjust from 39” to 42”. Max weight is 250 pounds.


MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder Mini Trampoline with handle bar

Trumpeted as ‘the professional gym rebounder,’ this one is great for sports training so the price is just a little higher than the budget-conscious may like. Its robust quality makes it safe and durable, and its folding spring-loaded legs make it easy for storage and setup. It comes with a stability handle bar for added security. Max weight on this one is 285 pounds.

Rebounder trampolines are ideal for working out, dropping pounds, having fun, and just generally making an overall ‘comeback’ into life. If you’re looking to lose weight, a rebounder trampoline is an enjoyable way to exercise without putting too much stress on your joints. If it’s rehabilitation from an injury you need, your physical therapist likely will have good advice on how to properly use a rebounder in order to recover and get back to your old self in a new and better way. If you just need a great way to get in shape and pull your life out of a rut, you won’t find a more uplifting and exhilarating way to do it. For added fun, grab a partner, get yourself two rebounders, and experience how much fun working out really can be!

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